Tara Marie Mahootian recalls Kadian's unique spirit

by Debora Harding


After Kadian's death we received so many wonderful letters of testamony to his character. Here is one such great recollection from a friend who spent much time watching him grow into the beautiful young man he had become . . .

I’m reminded of the fervent depth and beauty that was uniquely Kadian. His thriving intellect, creativity, charm and wit were infused with the deepest passion that inspired his kindness, musicality, generosity, and loving embrace. He navigated through life with a multidimensional compass and right measure of sensitivity known by few. I will always remember his contagious laughter and his adorable grin that revealed he was courteously holding back & shielding me from a much larger burst of intense and creative ‘Kadian humor’ surging through his inner world.