Washington D.C., Charlie and City Bikes

by Debora Harding

Kadian grew up with City Bikes in Washington D.C. as part of his blood. Charles McCormick, the owner of the three location bicycle business was involved in Kadian's life since birth. He served as Big Brother/Crazy Uncle and continually offered a wonderful world of experiences to Kadian.

Kadian grew immensely from the relationships he formed with the staff at the store. They watched him grow from a young boy to the beginnings of manhood. He couldn't wait to clock in as part of the team.

Kadian was due to arrive at City Bikes the Tuesday following his death. He was coming this time to install an Apple computer network for all three stores. In honour of Kadian, the staff at City Bikes all went for a ride from the Apple Store in Georgetown to the Apple Store in Bethesda three days after his death.

But no story about City Bikes would be complete without the full depth of friendship between Kadian and Charlie. It was from Charlie that Kadian received his first bicycle and spent endless hours cyling along the wooded paths of the C&O Canal alongside the Potomac River. It was Charlie who recommended that Shepherdstown West Virginia was a rare and fantastic place for a child to grow with the freedom to be outdoors and in a small community that truly loved children. It was with Charlie that Kadian learned how to play like a puppy. It was Charlie who took the family on legendary camping trips off the beaten track. It was with Charlie that Kadian shared a special boy appreciation of Duke. It was Charlie's camera and his eye that you see so much of Kadian's beauty.