What Is the Kadian Project

by Debora Harding

It was three weeks ago at the Memorial Celebration for Kadian that the purple bracelets stamped with his name and the Kadianproject.com were handed out. Since then, its become apparent that the question we have been asking ourselves, "what form will the Kadian Project take?", is now also on the minds of those who are wearing the bracelets as well.

Right now, it might be easiest to say that www.kadianproject.com is a website rather than a project. Or perhaps it is better to say that it is a project in its "development" phase, or . . . . a website with growing pains that has some really moving content. A website that for the moment looks very nice, with links that work but two weeks ago was a mess without links that didn't work. And lets hope not, but may be a mess again. In short, it is a website that has broken every rule there is to break about its launch - including not knowing why its actually there. So why is it up? Most likely its as simple as having something to hang on to, until more shape takes form.

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions - and to hear of any thing you might be doing in Kadian's name. You can either reply to this blog - or send an email to kadianproject@gmail.com.

We love pictures!

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