Kadian meets his first World Heritage Site

by Debora Harding in

Kadian loved Geocaching because it took him to beautiful places. So we printed 100 geotags in order that people could travel with Kadian's spirit to Unesco's World Heritage Designated Sites of Culture and Outstanding Natural Beauty around the world.

Please join us in celebrating Kadian in a fun and positive way by using this adventure to take you to places you may not have gone - and bring Kadian's spirit alive by taking him with you there.

Below you'll see pictures that Kevin Swain placed in in Frasier Island with his wife Catherine. Kevin is a practiced geocacher and demonstrates here the photo narratives we'd love to have. Please send any photo's and stories of what it was like to take Kadian with you! kadianproject@gmail.com

Frasier Island is the world's largest sand island. Click the link above to read all about this rare biological habitat.