In addition to having an Iphone at our finger tips, we have a family friend, Charlie, who took hundreds of photos of Kadian throughout his childhood.  

Kadian loved the RESPECT photo, as it was taken for a campaign he believed in - the GRIN campaign, started by student Claudia White at Bedales, which raises awareness about bullying. Photo gallery here

Kadian was brother to sister Sam, who is fourteen months younger.  Sam compiled this video for the Memorial Services held at Bedales and in Shepherdstown, WV, the town in which Kadian spent most of his childhood years.  

Kadian had a long history at City Bikes, and was due to fly over three days before his death.   The staff held a Memorial Ride in his name two months later, riding through Washington D.C.s beautiful landmarks beginning from the Apple Store in Georgetown and ending at the Apple Store in Bethsda.

Kadian's podcasts and Blue Jacket Production Films were uploaded to iTunes. Visit his site to find out more

We of the many things we miss about Kadian was his impromptu performances.  After he died, we found this recording.  He had filmed it in the backseat with an Iphone on a long journey. 

To know Kadian, you need to know his obsession.  Read all about it here.  

It is hard to capture the profound emotion Kadian's classmates at Bedales School expressed through music and dance at his Memorial Celebration.  Stunning in their originality, the performers captured and expressed Kadian's upbeat spirit through a whole range of performances. Not to be missed.  Videos here and photos here.

Our family moved from England to Shepherdstown, West Virginia when Kadian was four, and back to England when he was twelve.  

One of the reasons we moved to Shepherdstown was because of its liberal community of homeschooling parents.  We loved the extra time it gave us as a family, as well as the freedom it gave Kadian to be outdoors.  Needless to say, this decision brought unimaginable meaning.

At ten years old, we enrolled Kadian at Powhatan School in Virginia.  

Shepherdstown is nestled into the banks of the Potomac River, and is a college town that has a world class diner with pancakes and sausages,and the best librarians in the world.  

Kadian loved camping, paddling the Potomac, climbing trees and catapulting himself into the local water hole. 

We feel grateful, he grew up in a small town in which kids feel valued, respected and safe.  

The photos from this vigil are at the steps of his beloved Firehall, which was home.